Depending on how long you plan to charter the boat there are many different activities and sites I can take you to!

Here is a list of sites & activity ideas :


PICK UP AT HAMILTON (BARS BAY PARK) - Bars Bay park is located 2 blocks west of the Ferry Terminal on Front street (walk west on Front street (out of Hamilton) til you are in front of the very large pastel office buildings (XL Catlin & Chubb) and you will be at Bars Bay park opposite the pastel buildings! 


May not be in this order and not everything can be covered in 3 hours but is possible in 4 hours! 

Sightseeing thru the many Islands of the Great Sound

Shorelines of Point Shares and Fairylands (central "Millionaires Row!") 

Cliff jumping for the brave souls! 

Cruise under the Somerset Bridge and nearby shoreline - beautiful beaches, protected coves and close to the reefs for snorkeling plus the wreck of the Vixen & her huge school of fish to feed! 

* Cruise 2 miles off shore to my fav snorkeling reef when wind is 5 knots or below!  Some decide to do just the island sightseeing and off shore snorkeling!




45min to 1 hour cruise to the East end of the island for shopping and sightseeing in the old town of St. Georges followed by lunch in a waterside restaurant OR PICNIC on board the boat as we do a leisurely cruise out to Castle Harbor for swimming, exploring and more!  This charter is VERY weather dependent! This charter can be done in 4 hours if just going to either Town of St. Georges OR out to islands of Castle Harbor! 


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